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Doing Architecture Differently

Custom Renovations

Crafting Your Dream Home with PKAD Architecture and Design

Embarking on a large-scale transformative construction project, particularly one with a budget exceeding $500,000, requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. At PKAD, we understand the magnitude of such an investment. We are here to guide you through the realities of this transformative journey. Transparency is paramount, and we work collaboratively with you to manage expectations, providing a realistic view of the process and the investment of both time and capital required. 

The Process Begins with a Precise Site Analysis using Lidar Scanning.


One of the cornerstones of our custom renovation process is the integration of advanced Lidar scanning technology. This state-of-the-art tool enables us to create precise 3D models of your home, capturing every detail with unparalleled accuracy. Lidar scanning technology allows our office to obtain a highly accurate and detailed analysis of your property. This technology captures precise measurements and uncovers out-of-level floors and walls that are not square or plumb. The technology captures detailed data, allowing our office to identify deviations from standard dimensions and rectify potential issues early in the design process. By incorporating Lidar scanning services in our practice, you, as the homeowner, benefit from a meticulous understanding of your home's structural nuances, ensuring that we address any hidden deficiencies up front for a smoother construction phase.

This high level of precision ensures that the final design is beautiful and perfectly aligned with your home's structural realities.

Enhanced Design Visualization Technology:


Our commitment to innovation includes harnessing the power of the latest design visualization tools to provide you with a crystal-clear picture of your future home. Through immersive 3D modeling and virtual reality, you can step inside your design, explore different elements, and truly understand how each detail contributes to the overall aesthetic. This technology brings your vision to life and empowers you to make informed decisions about your home's layout.

Efficient Decision-Making in an Orderly Process Pulls it all together.


At PKAD, we follow a systematic and orderly process seamlessly integrating Lidar scanning data and visualization technology. This structured approach involves collaborative sessions with homeowners at key milestones, incorporating feedback and refining the design accordingly. The orderly process ensures that decisions are made efficiently, avoiding unnecessary delays or revisions. Homeowners benefit from a transparent and well-managed design journey, resulting in a custom home that meets their needs and reflects a carefully considered and refined design solution.

Realizing Your Vision Within Practical Boundaries


Our goal at PKAD Architecture and Design is to help you realize your vision within the practical realities of your existing space, local building codes, and budget. Whether you're looking to completely overhaul your home's interior, add unique architectural features, or modernize your living spaces, our team brings a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and meticulous attention to detail.

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