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Stop Work Orders

PKAD Architecture and Design offers swift, expert intervention to resolve Stop Work Orders efficiently, minimizing delays and ensuring your project gets back on track in compliance with all regulations.

Certificate of Occupancy

In cases where a missing Certificate of Occupancy is stalling your real estate transaction, PKAD Architecture and Design provides specialized assistance to resolve these complexities, ensuring a smooth and timely closing process.

Code Violations

For Town Code, Rental, and Multi-Family Violations, PKAD Architecture and Design offers solutions and guidance to swiftly address and rectify these issues, ensuring your property meets all regulatory standards and avoids potential penalties.

Dormers and Additions

For renovations that include dormers, additions, or complete interior gutting and demolition without altering the home's footprint, PKAD Architecture and Design excels in creatively maximizing your existing space.

Custom Renovations

PKAD Architecture and Design is adept at Custom Renovations, focusing on transformational projects that reinvent and rejuvenate your home, turning your vision into a reality with bespoke designs and meticulous execution.

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