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Architectural Services On-Demand 

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Hassle-Free:  Just Upload, Click & PKAD Delivers


PKAD Architecture and Design Production Project Division have created an electronic vending machine to provide you with nearly instant accessibility to the most standardized design solutions for your particular project type at competitive prices with turnaround times that can’t be beaten.

Whether you are installing pools, decks, or propane tanks much of the design work is cookie cutter and over the 20 years that PKAD has been in business we have excelled at creating streamlined design process focused on delivering what you need when you need it.


We know that keeping the machinery moving means cash flow to your firm. Chasing your architect to secure construction drawings to submit or getting them to answer an objection letter is a surefire way to gum up the works frustrating both you and your client.  Consider this a thing of the past when working with PKAD.


Our offer is simple – Allow us to eliminate the frustration of dealing with the pain of non or slow-responsive architects by placing an on-line ordering portal right into your workflow for your projects allowing you to order and pay with a simple upload and click.  

With delivery times of 5 – 7 business days from your work order request till you have documents in hand for pre-review prior to submission to the local building departments by others, our aim is to:

  1. Prevent your cash flow from stalling.

  2. Reduce your time chasing the paperwork.

  3. Provide your clients with an excellent customer experience right out of the gates.  

  4. Provide you with enhanced consistency in your construction drawings.


Maybe you have a reliable architect who you are happy with already.  Our motto in our practice has always been “Two is one and one in none”  Why leave yourself in a bottlenecked position with one vendor as we all know life just wants to go sideways?

Our ask would be to put PKAD into your rotation as a test and see if we can help you along the way.

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