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After being in contract with GOSR  for a few years now we have decided that it is time to take what we have learned from rescuing problem projects for GOSR and use it to assist private clients in moving along their Storm recovery projects.


We are calling this initiative "PROJECT: RESCUE"

Please review the services below and if your project fits one of the categories, it is likely we can help. Hire us and let us help.

project assumption

​PKAD can take over your project as the professional of record. Is your project:

  • Stalled in permitting with no construction started yet? 

  • Started and DOB is requesting updated plans because of signification scope of work change?

  • Currently have an non-responsive design professional?

Project Design

If your project has not started, PKAD can:

  • Provide full design services for your elevation or reconstruction project.

  • Provide full construction documents for your elevation or reconstruction project.

permit issues

If your project is stuck in the building department, PKAD can:

  • Communicate with the building department on your behalf so you do not have to.

  • Provide informed solutions the will solve the building dept puzzle that is holding up your project

  • Provide all services and professional presence for building departments, zoning boards of appeal, planning departments, the DEC, health depts., sewer departments, Architectural review boards, etc.

nyr closeout

If your project is stuck  because it can't be closed out by NYR, PKAD can:

  • Provide  design professional inspections and certifications letters

  • Provide Extraordinary Site Conditions Certification where applicable.