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1. Scope of Work (SOW): Maintain Existing Structures without Design Work

1.1 Deliverables: PKAD will measure/document field conditions of the existing residential    structure and prepare a set of stamped measured drawings in the format of floor plans, elevations and a plot plan ready to submit to the Town in pdf format by others.

1.1.1 PKAD field team will require approximately 2 hours on site to capture field conditions and will need access to the entire property.

1.1.2 PDF will be released to Client electronically.

1.1.3 PKAD anticipates one round of clarification/comments by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in this SOW and will respond to this AHJ one (1) Request for Information (RFI). 

1.2 Exclusions: This SOW excludes any/all design services, any interface with any potential trade professional during any potential execution, any filing or clerical work as it relates to paperwork submissions to the AHJ, zoning research or AHJ required zoning analysis sheet, RES check, securing a survey, Dept of Health requirements, zoning board of appeals (ZBA) or architectural review board (ARB) or any associated work product necessary for a ZBA/ARB or any expediting work necessary to satisfy the AHJ. 

 1.3 Time Frames: Time frame from the date of field work till delivery of PKAD work product will not exceed 20 business days.  Expedited time frames are available at Client request and at an additional fee.

2. Terms

2.1 Client will input/upload all project specifications and relevant project support documents, i.e. survey, AHJ violations etc., into the PKAD provided on-line platform.

2.2 PKAD will provide construction drawings (CDs) in PDF format to Client who is then responsible for all physical reproductions of CDs, available via Staples, Madison Copy or any other large format printing company, if necessary.

2.3 Client will book a PKAD field team to the property via the PKAD provided on-line scheduling platform.

2.4 The Client shall furnish a survey of the property at the Client’s expense when necessary.  PKAD shall be entitled to rely upon the accuracy and completeness thereof.

2.5 Responding to comments in any RFI/objection letters by the AHJ that specifically relates to the SOW being executed will be limited to one (1) instance.  In the event that the AHJ has more than one (1) RFI/objection then a flat rate of $500.00 shall apply per additional instance at PKAD sole discretion.  Payment shall be due prior to submission of new information to the AHJ.

2.6 It will be the sole responsibility of the Client to supply PKAD with the AHJ’s RFI in electronic format using PKAD on-line platform.

2.7 Response times shall not exceed 10 business days from the time that PKAD receives the AHJ’s RFI till completion.

2.8 In the event that the AHJ imposes or requests information that constitutes a new scope of work (SOW) not included in the current SOW then a new proposal will be submitted and mutually agreed upon prior to executing, such as but not limited to zoning board of appeals, other items built without a CO, Dept of Health, DEC, etc.

2.9 PKAD is not responsible for interfacing with Owner’s vendors, suppliers or any other material decision nor is it responsible for interfacing with day-to-day construction administration, field decisions or direct communication with subcontractors if the Owner is acting in the capacity of their own GC.

2.10 PKAD shall have the right to access the site for the purposes of taking photographs or videography in relation to the Work both prior to and after completion of the Work and shall have and retain full Clientship and all copyright in said photographs/videography, which PKAD may use for its own promotional purposes.

2.11 PKAD will require access to all areas of the house on the day of the field capture. In the event that the homeowner and/or tenant does not allow or is unable to provide access to the entirety of the house to the PKAD field team on the day of the capture and another site visit is required then a $400.00 fee plus 3rd party fees will be due prior to subsequent site visit.

2.12 PKAD shall have the right to include the Client’s name on its client list and to include representations of the design of the Project, including all A/V files, all photographs among the PKAD’s professional material, including, but not limited to, the PKAD’s firm promotional materials, portfolios, and/or publications.

2.13 Drawings, specifications and other documents, including those in electronic form, prepared by PKAD are for use solely on this project. PKAD shall be deemed the authors and Clients of their respective instruments of service and shall retain all common law, statutory and other reserved rights, including copyrights.

2.14 PKAD is not responsible for the actual construction of the project, including, but not limited to, the errors, omissions, defaults and/or delays of the Client or any building contractor, fabricator, or supplier.

2.15 Confirmation of all measurements shall be the responsibility of the Client’s chosen GC

2.16 PKAD’s liability for damages in connection with this Contract shall be limited to ins. coverage.

2.17 Client is responsible for all permit fees and other 3rd party fees/services

3. FEES:

3.1 PKAD will be paid $1.00 sq foot on any aspect of the provided floor plans and elevations, including decks and porches with a $1,700.00 minimum fee.

3.2 A retainer of $850.00 plus 3rd party service charges will be due at notice to proceed.

3.3 The balance of the fee will be determined once the space has been measured and documented and will be due just prior to release of stamped drawings.

3.4 In the event that the AHJ has more than one RFI then a change order will be issued and require payment prior to the release of the RFI response at the rates established in section 2.5

3.5 In the event that the AHJ’s RFI constitutes a new SOW requiring additional professional services, then a new proposal will be issued with mutually acceptable fees and terms prior to any said services will rendered. 

3.6 An unstamped set of CDs will be released for Client’s pre-review prior to stamping.

3.7 The project will be placed on pause until payments are paid in full and in the case of personal check, till it clears PKAD’s account.

3.8 Invoices will be sent with a CC or other means of electronic payment for convenience with 3rd party service charges being the responsibility of the Client.

3.9 Payments are not contingent on whether Client decides to proceed with execution of the SOW

3.10 Client acknowledges that all monies paid upon contract signage shall be deemed earned and non-refundable. 

3.11 In the event that Client terminates project prior to any field/design work beginning, then a minimum of $425.00 will be considered earned and non-refundable from the initial retainer paid to PKAD.

By clicking  "Buy Now" you acknowledge that you accept the above terms and conditions. Your project information will be submitted and you will be directed to a page upload your project documents.

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